Sheet Metal Machinery

B & M Machine Tools established in 1983 is now a leading supplier of used sheet metal machine tools & sheet metal machinery accessories such as Jennies, Vices, Punches & Dies etc & many more.

When searching for a variety of used sheet metal machinery such as Iron workers, Bending Rolls, Folders, Press Brakes, Guillotines & many more including support accessories, don’t forget to try B & M Machine tools based in London.

Look no further for used sheet metal machines and sheet metal machine accessories these are always available from stock at our B&M Machine Tools London show rooms

Sheet Metal Machines & Accessories

Our sheet metal machines & accessories are acquired from within the UK therefore these machines already conform to our strict British standards, they are then run checked with defective parts replaced before being offered for resale.
The acquisitions of these machine tools are due to many different reasons such as changes in the manufacturers business, retirement etc.

B&M also exports used Sheet Metal machinery all over the world complete with certificates of origin & inspections, arranging letters of credit etc, if you are looking for a specific used sheet metal machine tool please contact us & we will endeavour to source it for you no matter how small a request.

Buying used sheet metal machinery is a great way to save money and time. When you buy any kind of machinery or accessories from B & M Machine Tools, you’ll be glad to know that your purchase will contribute to British economy, since all our machines are sourced from British manufacturers.

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