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Grinding Machines

If you are largely into engine reconditioning, you will want to have multiple grinding machines to increase your production. However, in order to lower the investment amount, you may consider buying used grinding machines, which are as good as new. B & M Machine Tools can supply a qualitative range of used grinding machines to help you procure better yield through minimal investment.

Surface grinders and cylindrical grinders are again used in engineering manufacture also engine reconditioning. A surface grinder consists of a revolving horizontal spindle which grinds the material. The material is held by a electromagnetic chuck, these commonly used grinding machines are generally to create extremely flat surfaces. The cylindrical grinder is a very accurate machine for producing very round accurate surfaces internally and externally on an object.

Seest HRT 62 Crankshaft Grinder, 12″ c/h x 60″ b/centres.
J & S 1300 Cylindrical, 5″c/h x 27″ b/centres, c/w internal.
Prince 4860 Crankshaft Grinder, 6″ c/h x 48″ b/centres.
Gate 500 Cylindrical, 6″ c/h x 24″ b/c, c/with internal.
Snow Danobat Cylindrical, 5″ c/h x 20″ b/c, c/w internal.
Zanrosso ESA18 Engine head/block grinder, 16″ x 6ft.
Zanrosso ESA15 Engine head/block grinder, 16″ x 5ft.
Comec RC900 head/block grinder, 36″ x 12″ capacity.
Magerle Surface Grinder, 28″ x 9″, electro mag chuck.
J & S 1011 surface grinder, 27″ x 10″, c/with 24 x 12 chuck.
J & S 1400P surface grinder, capacity 24″ x 8″.
J & S 540L s/grinder, 18″ x 6″ magnetic chuck, 17″ daylight.
Green Hydaulic surface grinder, 18″ x 6″ capacity, coolant.
J & S 540 surface grinder, 18″ x 6″ capacity.
Elliott 618 surface grinder, 18″ x 6″ capacity.

Used Grinding Machines

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