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Grinding Machines

If you are largely into engine reconditioning, you will want to have multiple grinding machines to increase your production. However, in order to lower the investment amount, you may consider buying used grinding machines, which are as good as new. B & M Machine Tools can supply a qualitative range of used grinding machines to help you procure better yield through minimal investment.

Surface grinders and cylindrical grinders are again used in engineering manufacture also engine reconditioning. A surface grinder consists of a revolving horizontal spindle which grinds the material. The material is held by a electromagnetic chuck, these commonly used grinding machines are generally to create extremely flat surfaces. The cylindrical grinder is a very accurate machine for producing very round accurate surfaces internally and externally on an object.

Seest HRT 62 Crankshaft Grinder, 12″ c/h x 60″ b/centres.
J & S 1300 Cylindrical, 5″c/h x 27″ b/centres, c/w internal.
Prince 4860 Crankshaft Grinder, 6″ c/h x 48″ b/centres.
Gate 500 Cylindrical, 6″ c/h x 24″ b/c, c/with internal.
Snow Danobat Cylindrical, 5″ c/h x 20″ b/c, c/w internal.
Zanrosso ESA18 Engine head/block grinder, 16″ x 6ft.
Zanrosso ESA15 Engine head/block grinder, 16″ x 5ft.
Comec RC900 head/block grinder, 36″ x 12″ capacity.
Magerle Surface Grinder, 28″ x 9″, electro mag chuck.
J & S 1011 surface grinder, 27″ x 10″, c/with 24 x 12 chuck.
J & S 1400P surface grinder, capacity 24″ x 8″.
J & S 540L s/grinder, 18″ x 6″ magnetic chuck, 17″ daylight.
Green Hydaulic surface grinder, 18″ x 6″ capacity, coolant.
J & S 540 surface grinder, 18″ x 6″ capacity.
Elliott 618 surface grinder, 18″ x 6″ capacity.

Used Grinding Machines

Grinders are highly accurate and delicate machines that are used for various processes included in engine reconditioning. While these machines have a reputation of being expensive, there is good reason behind the hefty price tag. These machines are intricate pieces of technology that employ the marvels of human engineering and precision of computerised operations. However, many business owners take the smart way around this, and choose to buy pre-owned grinding machines for their workshops or conditioning facilities.

As a business that deals in used grinding machines, we think that it is a great decision. With enough research and a reliable supplier like B&M Machine Tools, any business can greatly reduce the cost of acquiring used grinding machines, without having to compromise on quality. Unlike most other things, industrial tools and machinery is built to last. These machines, especially the ones manufactured by top brands like J&S, Prince, Seest, are built to last under unfavorable conditions, given that they are properly cared for. At B&M Machine Tools, we understand that these are some really rugged pieces of machinery, and can easily be reused if properly services. That is why, we help businesses that are looking to reduce the cost of acquisition of grinding machines by carefully selecting and stocking grinding machines that are still in usable condition. From there, we put all products through a series of comprehensive quality tests that help us identify the areas of the machine that need repairs. Once that is done, the machine is evaluated and made available for sale.

Our process ensures our customers only receive the best of products, at the most fair prices. Get in touch with us on the phone number mentioned below to know about our stock and pricing.

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