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B & M Machine Tools is proud to present a wide range of lathe machines for commercial and industrial purposes. We source lathe machines from one of the leading manufacturers across the globe just to make sure that our customers get value for money and leverage on high performance that machine delivers.

A lathe is a metal turning machine tool that consists of a three jaw chuck or a four jaw chuck which clamps material and rotates.and is used by engineers for turning metal that can then be used in the manufacture of aircraft, shipping and general engineering. Lathe machines can also be used within when working with metal, wood, plastics and non-ferrous materials.

Warco 1024, 5″ c/h x 24″ b/c, c/with chucks etc. (3 off).
Colchester Bantam, 5″ c/h x 24″ b/c, c/with chucks etc.
Harrison g/bed, 9″ x 24″ b/c, 1200rpm, chucks, f/plate etc.
Harrison M300, 6.5″ x 25″ b/c, with 3 & 4-jaw chucks etc.
Colchester Student 1800, g/b, 6″ x 25″ b/c, 3 & 4-jaw etc.
Colchester Student 1800, g/b, 6″ x 40″ b/c, c/w chucks etc.
Colchester Master 2500, g/b, 6.5″ x 40″ b/c, with copy etc.
Colchester Triumph, 7.5″ x 30″ b/c, c/w 3 & 4-jaw chucks.
Colchester 2000, g/bed, 7.5″ c/h x 50″b/c, choice of 3.
Mascot 1600, g/b, 8.5″c/h x 80″ b/c, c/w chucks etc.
Mascot 1600, g/b, 8.5″c/h x 60″ b/c, with equipment etc.
Mastiff 1400, g/b, 10.5″ c/h x 80″ b/c, with equipment etc.
Mitchell g/bed, 8.5″ x 4ft b/c, with 3 & 4-jaw chucks etc.
Ajax g/bed h/duty lathe, 16″ c/h x 10ft b/c, with equipment.
Emi-Mec Sprint S, Auto Capstan Lathe, 2″ cap, + bar feed.
Ward 2DB capstan, 2″ cap, c/w collets, tooling & bar feed.

Rondolotti Spinning lathe, 21″dia.

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