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Milling Machines

Milling Machines are a machine tool that is also used by engineers in the process of engineering manufacture. There are two different types taking the form of Universal type and Turret type machines. A universal machine is a heavy duty milling machines consisting of a vertical milling head and horizontal facility and a swivelling work table. The Turret type has a vertical head with a quill for drilling, boring, slotting etc.

Excel RF30 Vert bench mill, 30″ x 8″, 240volts.
Warco KF-VO-A2f Turret mill, 30″ x 7″, feeds etc.
Elliott OO Omnimill, 28″ x 7.5″, horiz/vert spindles.
Niigata 2UMA Horiz/vert mill, 47″ x 12″ power & rapids.
TOS FNK 25 turret Mill, 49″ x 11″, p/feeds & DRO etc.
Dufour 195 Univ Mill, 55″ x 12″, power & rapids etc.
Bridgeport Interact 2 series 2 CNC vertical Mill.
Induma Turret & Horizontal Mill with Vert head, 59″ x 11″.
Huron KU5 Universal Mill, 64″ x 16″ table, Power o/arm.
UMC Plain Vertical Mill, Table 52″ x 13.5″, power/rapids.
Cincinnati Millacron 100RF Powermatic Horizontal, 54″.
Beaver BVRP Turret Mill, 48″ x 10″, power feed etc.
Bridgeport 2JB Turret Mill, 42″ x 9″, table, p/feed &¬†rapids.
Richmond Universal Mill, 48″ x 11″,
horiz/vertical, slotting.
Aciera Mill/Drill, table 23″ x 10″, speeds 37 to 4000 rpm.
Boxford vertical mill VM30, table 21″ x 6″, coolant etc.

Used Milling machines

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