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Used Milling Machines

At B&M Machine tools UK, we specialise in offering used machines for businesses. Whether you are a small business that requires smaller machines, or have relatively larger size of operations and require industrial grade machines, B&M Machine tools UK has got your back. We deal in used milling machines, and are proud to have some of the best milling machines for sale in the UK. B&M Machine tools UK has been a trusted name when it comes to buying used metalworking machine tools for all applications and size of workshops.

From a small milling machine, and right up to a full industrial sized milling machine, you will find something for every need in our stock. We believe in transparent business practices, and have gained a positive reputation for accurately describing the condition of our products on sale. Moreover, we even offer the support of a strong after-sales network across the UK. This essentially means, once you buy a machine from us, you don’t have to worry anymore.

We put all the machines through a series of comprehensive quality tests, ensuring we only deliver the highest quality products to our valuable clients. If you are looking for high-quality used milling machines for sale in the UK, we have machines in “mint” condition that are available at competitive prices. Get in touch with us to know more about the machines we have in our inventory, about our prices, and our after sales policy. When it comes to machines and machine tools, choose the experts, choose B&M Machine tools UK.

Excel RF30 Vert bench mill, 30″ x 8″, 240volts.
Warco KF-VO-A2f Turret mill, 30″ x 7″, feeds etc.
Elliott OO Omnimill, 28″ x 7.5″, horiz/vert spindles.
Niigata 2UMA Horiz/vert mill, 47″ x 12″ power & rapids.
TOS FNK 25 turret Mill, 49″ x 11″, p/feeds & DRO etc.
Dufour 195 Univ Mill, 55″ x 12″, power & rapids etc.
Bridgeport Interact 2 series 2 CNC vertical Mill.
Induma Turret & Horizontal Mill with Vert head, 59″ x 11″.
Huron KU5 Universal Mill, 64″ x 16″ table, Power o/arm.
UMC Plain Vertical Mill, Table 52″ x 13.5″, power/rapids.
Cincinnati Millacron 100RF Powermatic Horizontal, 54″.
Beaver BVRP Turret Mill, 48″ x 10″, power feed etc.
Bridgeport 2JB Turret Mill, 42″ x 9″, table, p/feed & rapids.
Richmond Universal Mill, 48″ x 11″,
horiz/vertical, slotting.
Aciera Mill/Drill, table 23″ x 10″, speeds 37 to 4000 rpm.
Boxford vertical mill VM30, table 21″ x 6″, coolant etc.

Milling Machine for Sale UK

Finding machines and machine tools for your business is no joke. Not only are these expensive commodities for any business, choosing the right one requires in-depth knowledge and a lot of research. As business owners, most of us don’t have the time to put in the kind of research and the kind of effort mandated by this task. As a result, many a times, businesses and workshops end up with sub-par machinery that breaks down after a few weeks. With an aim to solve this issue for businesses of all sizes, Machine Tools brings to you our range of milling machines for sale in the UK.

At B&M Machine tools UK, we understand that the equipment at a workshop is central to the success of business. The quality of the products you put out is directly related to the kind of machines you employ. For this reason, it is critical to have quality milling machines in your workshop. All used milling machines that are up for sale at B&M Machine Tools undergo an intense quality testing process that ensures we continue stocking only the best products. Additionally, we stock used milling machines from top brands that are in “mint” condition. Our commitment to customer service is evident in the transparency we employ when it comes to the condition of the machinery we have on sale. Moreover, we strongly believe in building lasting business relationships, and make sure we do so with our world-class after sales services. Get in touch with us for more information.

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