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Used woodworking equipment is a great way to save up on the startup cost of a woodworking business. Even if you have an established business, and are thinking about expansion, buying pre-owned woodworking equipment can bring your overhead costs down substantially. Woodworking equipment is built for intense use, and can last for decades, if cared for properly.

At B&M Machine Tools UK, we specialise in locating, acquiring, preparing, and selling of such machines. Once we find a used woodworking machine, we perform a complete quality check on the machine to identify any faults. Once identified, these faults are completely removed in our refurbishment workshop, and the machine is given a new life. Since these are used machines, their value is much lower than new branded models. However, post our refurbishment process, you can rest assured that the condition of the machines is as good as new.

With B&M Machine Tools, you get the best quality products, at the very best prices. Our business values revolve around complete customer satisfaction, and building long term business relationships. For this reason, we constantly strive to exceed customer expectations on all possible occasions, and offer the best possible customer service. In doing so, we not only ensure that we offer the best products to our consumers, but also pay equal attention to our after sales services. If yours is a business that is just taking off, and you are in need of used woodworking material, contact us right away!

Danckaert double drum, 36″ wide


Wadkin 8ft pad sander, 8″ wide belt


Wadkin BGY 16″ disc sander


Mawegg Hyd frame clamp, 3m x 2m


Wilkinson manual veneer press, 7’x3′


Multico SC3 Wall saw, 4m x 2m

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