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Planer Thicknessers

A planer thicknesser is an extremely versatile machine which is used to alter the thickness of a wooden board. The machine consists of a pair of rollers which feed the wooden board through the machine. In the middle, a cutter is used to decide the thickness of the board. While the process sounds simple enough, the machinery involved is quite complex. Moreover, altering the thickness of a wooden board puts a lot of stress on the parts of the machine. For this reason, only industrial planer thicknessers were available for a long time.

However, recently durable and portable planer thicknessers have been made available. While these are extremely useful for smaller workshops, the complexity of the machinery makes them expensive. To address this problem B&M Machine Tools UK offers pre-owned portable planer thicknessers at much lower prices. The machines we stock are not just in working condition, they are minimally used pre-owned machines that have been tested for quality and reliability before becoming available for sale. Moreover, to further ensure high standards of quality, we only stock the top brands in the industry. Currently, our inventory has stock from Wilson, Wadkin Bursgreen, Dominion, and Sedwick. With B&M Machine Tools, everyone can own the most advanced woodworking machinery without having to break the bank.

If you are looking for any kind of pre-owned machine tools, B&M Machine Tools UK is the ideal choice. We offer shipping across the UK. Get in touch with us for more information on pricing.

Wilson 24″ x 9″ over & under


Wadkin Bursgreen 18″ x 9″


Dominion ‘DAA’ 16″ x 9″


Sedgwick 12″ x 8″, s/phase

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