Metal rolling machines or rolls, just as their name suggests, are used to convert various metals into flat sheets. The use of mechanical machines ensures that the resulting sheets are symmetrically flat, and the quality is not compromised. This symmetry helps maintain the structural integrity in whatever structures these sheets are used it. For this reason, most businesses don’t go for cheaper options when it comes to rolls.

However, another problem that businesses face in such a scenario is the high cost of a new metal rolling machine. This problem is especially common in businesses that are still in the inception stage as they have limited resources to work with. This is where our services step it. At B&M Machine Tools, we stock all kind of used machinery for sale, including “mint” condition metal rolling machines. Our objective is to help smaller businesses with limited capital to gain access to quality machinery, so that they can in turn, produce quality material. We believe in building long term business relationships. That is why, we offer genuine used machinery that is in pristine condition. Moreover, to ensure the highest standards of quality in our products, we only stock the top brands in the industry like Edwards and SMT.

If you too, are looking to acquire a rolling machine, but don’t want to end up spending a fortune, get in touch with us for the best deals on the best used machines. Call on the number mentioned below to reach us.

SMT 6ft x 16mm, power top roll.


Edwards 80″ x 3″ b/slip manual


Edwards 6ft x 3″ manual


Edwards 4ft x 3″ manual

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