Saw machines are an integral part of any woodworking workshop. With different types being used for different purposes, technology has come far from a time when only manually operated saws were available. These days, there are specialised automatic saw machines that serve various purposes. For instance, a reciprocating saw is used for cutting out custom shapes. However, they are not so useful when it comes to cutting out straight lines. Circular saws, on the other hand, are ideal for cutting in straight lines, and offer enough power to cut through concrete surfaces. While the above mentioned options offer a lot of mobility, the table saw, which is much less mobile, offers a lot of versatility. From ripping to crosscutting, and mitering to beveling, table saw machines are an essential for every workshop. Similarly, another extremely portable saw is the miter saw. As the name suggests, the saw is fitted miter box fitted with guides to precise 45 and 90 degree cuts. Lastly, there is the band saw, which is one of the most versatile tools as it offers a lot of power to cut through both wood and metal.

If you are looking for used woodworking equipment or saw machines for your business, B&M Machine Tools has some of the best options on offer. We only stock the top brands, and put all our products through a complex quality check-up to ensure safe usability in the future. Get in touch with us for best prices and exclusive deals on used saw machines in the UK.

Altendorf F45 panel saw, 2.5m


Attendorf F90 scoring saw, 3m


Wadkin P25 scoring saw, 2m


Wadkin 12BGP t/a scoring saw


Cooksley 18″ rip-saw, tilting fence


Startrite 12″ Tilt arbor, Sliding table

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